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a little bit about me.

Hey! My name is Marcus Liew, and I'd be so stoked to make a few epic images for you. I'm from Malaysia but am now based in Bristol, UK. I love the Lord, my family and and my city. Some other things that I love: ice cream, chocolate cake, good design, badminton, road trips and street food. I hope we'll bond over some of the aforementioned items. I'm sure we'll get along. 

For more info about photoshoots, feel free to reach me through the contact tab up top. 

Any other inquiries or questions can be sent to Much love!


my work ethic.

My philosophy is that photography must be intentional—I see photographic work as a medium for creative storytelling about people, their creations and the environment around us. Our team adheres to a very disciplined approach and makes a point to inform our creative productions by researching our subjects. We maintain an attitude of open-mindedness, giving us the ability to draw powerful stories. Crisp, visually arresting and authentic visuals are what we strive for. Underlying my deep passion for the craft is the belief that creativity is the quintessential mark of our humanity.

my career.

Marcus built his career in Malaysia, leading Clickery, a creative team based in Kuala Lumpur with his partners Rachel Lim and Eugene Teoh. His experience in the marketing and social media industry has equipped him to make strategically-powerful creative choices for his clients. He continues to oversee a team which helps businesses with the creation of advertising content as well social media management. 


Marcus is currently based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Marcus works with clients whose products and purpose he has personal respect for, and does not shy away from showcasing his work for them on social media. Respected for his thoughtful artistry and spirit of adventure, he actively engages with his audience and community of creatives. The brands and businesses he works with often consult him for digital marketing strategies as well. He helps brands extend their reach, communicate their message and represent themselves in credibility, relevance and authenticity. Marcus manages creative teams, placing great emphasis on team harmony and individual talent in order to consistently yield impressive results for his clients.

"Photography is meant to freeze a moment, not the mind," says Marcus. His work is always imbued with a clear invitation to your audience to engage meaningfully with it. This is what has earned him the respect in his industry.

my range of expertise.


Commercial Photography | Automotive Photography

Aerial Photography | Food & Beverage Photography

Architecture, Interior & Furniture Photography 

Event Photography | Family & Couple Photography

Wedding Photography | Corporate Portraiture 

Creative Direction | Project Planning

Social Media | Marketing



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