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A bookstore on steroids 

This assignment for BookXcess Tropicana Gardens was, to say the least, exhilarating. I felt like a kid again, roaming the spectacular corridors lined with books, which the designers of this space call the "Infinity Loop bookshelf". This is BookXcess' second largest homegrown bookstore in Malaysia, and boy, is it great. The space no doubt offers endless opportunities for Instagram-worthy content. This photoshoot required lots of patience on my end as I often to wait for people to finish taking photos of each other. I have no complaints about that because I had so much fun exploring this playground, admiring all the elements of detail that make this space so architecturally-unique. A special place like this requires careful and thoughtful documenting, so I made sure each spectacle was captured in its best light. The kind of bookstore that really inspires you to pick up a book and read it. Massive respect for BookXcess, whose mission it is to make reading accessible and popular again. 

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