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Luxury begins at home

The creative team deserves much credit for this project, as our preparation for this photoshoot was both intensive and extensive. We were tasked with producing content for Emperor Palace's upcoming Hari Raya campaign, the most important period in terms of sales for the company. I made sure our team had almost every shot in advance and the schedule was extremely packed, to ensure that we would make the most out of the shoot. We worked with Natrah Khalid, a top model in Malaysia, Asyraf Dasley, Winner of Face of Asia 2020, and two young models, Alexandra and Aiman. The combination of them being professionals and the fact that we had visualised and had done most of the troubleshooting in advance made things much easier on everyone. The results are some of the best lifestyle work I have produced to date, and these went on to be published in the local paper, on social media, as well as billboards across Kuala Lumpur. 


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