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Spreading joy through desserts

I have the biggest sweet tooth. Three years ago, I was first introduced to Xiao-Ly's pastry creations and have been a huge fan ever since. I have tasted the pastries of countless patisseries, and Xiao's still reigns supreme in the local space for me. So, when Xiao-Ly engaged me to do a team photoshoot for the two pastry businesses she's running, you bet I was excited. I had the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen with the bubby family behind Xiao By Crustz and Tanuki By Crustz's intricate and mouth-watering desserts. Among Xiao-Ly's team are Loi Ming Ai and Otto Tay, both World Pastry Champions, whom I had the privilege to make portraits of as well. It was truly mesmerising to watch a team of culinary experts operate in their zone, with individual skill and in collective harmony.  


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