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The World's Tallest Twin Towers 

In preparation for this assignment for Petronas, the team had done the necessary research and reconnaissance in advance—we had found an undiscovered location from which to launch our aerial cameras and we were quite certain that it would afford us the best chance at undisrupted radio signal in the area, where, it is rumoured, signal jammers have been installed. I cannot understand why jammers would be installed, for it can only endanger civilians on the ground with its increasing the likelihood of a crash. Nonetheless, there is indeed reason for us to believe these rumours, because one of our drones just would not take-off, even though we had the software authorisation. However, the one I was piloting was not riddled with such an issue, and flew beautifully. We captured the winning shot.  Just on the cusp of the city being completely enveloped in evening blue, the remnants of the day's sun paints with gold each of the city's protruding structures. And at the centre of it all stands our country's most epic set of identical twins. The shot is featured on Petronas' social media

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